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Here on this website you will be able to perform various calculations. Just to name a couple you could calculate current exchange rate or how long it would take you to recoupe that investment money you used to get setup as a virtual currency miner! Whatever reason you may be here, please enjoy your stay and if you find our service useful, like us on facebook, follow us on twitter and share with your friends!

Bitcoin Mining Calculator

What we have below is a mining calculator used exclusively to calcuate an approximate dollar estimate for investors ROI (Return On Investment). Since bitcoins are mined using various hardware such as computers CPU, graphic cards GPU, and now even with the power of ASCI microchips. All these various devices run at different hash rates which as labeled as either MH/s, GH/s or TH/s. If you are thinking about going into the "Mining Business" this calculator can act as your investment advisor! To calculate your ROI at the current exchange rate of bitcoin (BTC), simply enter the hash rate of your hardware and your report will be generated in seconds!

The next difficulty retarget occurs at block 360,863 (ETA 11.7 Days)
Difficulty Factor:
Hash Rate:
Exchange Rate:
BTC / Block:

Bitcoin Currency Calculator

So, you have some virtual currency in your wallet and are looking to exchange it for some cash? If so, this tool is right up your alley! All you need to do is just enter how many bitcoins you have in your wallet, choose your countries currency and click "Calculate Currency Exchange". This tool will tell you how much money you have in your account if you were to trade now!

Current Bitcoin Statistics

Are you curious about the current statistics of this virtual currency? Well, not to worry, we have all the statistics you need to know provided below! This information was last updated on Wednesday 5th of August 2015 06:27:03 AM

Difficulty Factor:
Block Count:
Latest Hash:
Hex Target:
Decimal Target:
Hashes To Win:
Next Retarget:
Total Bitcoin:
Bitcoin Per Block
ETA Till Next Retarget:
11.674444444444 Days